1 Hour Semi-Private (CH)

2-Person session. Price is per student.

$30.00 - $45.00

1/2 Hour One-On-One (TKD)

1/2 hour private lesson with an Instructor

$30.00 - $60.00

Adult (14+) Programs - Initial Consultation

Consult for Adult class options.

We have several different choices we can look at.

Kids 4-7 (Sparks) - Initial Consultation

Meeting to discuss options for Preschool Age children.

Kids Martial Arts (8-13) - Initial Consultation

Meeting for Kids (8-13) Martial Arts.

Video Conference - Online Martial Arts

Video Conference Introductory Lesson

Virtual 1-on-1 (CH)

Weekly Check In during Covid-19

Virtual 1-on-1 (Sparks)

Weekly Check In w/ Master Dan or Instructor Ali

Virtual 1-on-1 (Taekwondo)

Weekly check-in.